Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo was born in Zambia, educated in South Africa, and later lived in England. She is a a master designer of stunning applique work showcasing gorgeous embroidery stitches.

The stark contrasts between the arid beige-browns of the African bush-veld and the lush greens of the rolling hills of Southern England inspired many of her designs and continue to be a rich source of ideas. The energy and color of traditional African designs stirred her love of “primitive” arts and crafts, and grew into her focus on folk-art. In 1989 she moved to the United States, and has lived in Connecticut, Tennessee, Utah and Ohio. Each new State presented sharp contrasts and stirred new ideas.

Sue designs quilted items using textural fabrics and embellishments. She creates and sells books, patterns and CD's for these designs, and she and her sister Wendy produce hand-dyed wool and wool plaids designed specifically for quilt makers. Strong, creative women. Gotta love it.