Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors

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Silk 'n Colors is a 100% silk thread. It is a 12-ply thread meaning you can use from 1 up to 12 strands at a time. It initially wants to separate into three groups of 4 strands. If you 'flower' or 'fluff' up the end, you will more easily see the initial separation. For cross stitch we recommend using 2-ply on 28 count, 1 ply on 32 count or higher. All other applications may require you to do a test sample to determine the correct ply for your project. Always purchase sufficient of one dye lot to compete your project. 

Hand Dyed in the USA 

  • Fiber: 100% Silk
  • Thread Weight: 12 ply 
  • Yardage: 5 yards

Please note that the color of the fiber you are order is representative of what you see on your screen but dye lots, resolutions, and monitors do vary

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